Skywire is back, and filled with even more fun and adventurous levels! Skywire 3 offers a large variety of new features, games, levels, and obstacles to fulfil your addiction to the game. This multiplayer action game will leave you wanting more with each level! earn to die


The object of Skywire 3 is to transport the passengers in your chairlift to the safety of the goal line without touching any obstacles or falling off the track. earn to die 4


More Controls for Both Players

Player 1 controls:

Up arrow – jump
Left arrow – accelerate forward
Right arrow – accelerate backward
Right shift button – buff button
Right ctrl button – booster button
Player 2 controls:

W button – jump
D button – accelerate forward
A button – accelerate backward
Left shift button – buff button
Caps button – booster button
In addition to these button functions, both players can use the space bar to pause the game, if needed.

You may be asking yourself: “Why is there a jump button?” This is because with this new version of the game, you will encounter a whole new obstacle – broken tracks! You will need to use your jump button to jump over the broke track areas and land on the other side.



In addition to being able to share your score and challenge your friends on Facebook, the developers of Skywire 3 have brought back the famous “Score Board” where you can compete against other players for the top spot on the leaderboard!

Cheats & Walkthroughs

There are walkthrough videos available on YouTube if you get stuck on a level. Additionally, there are specific websites found on Google that offer a hacked version of Skywire 3 which include cheat codes. An example of some of the cheats available on these websites may include unlimited coins, unlimited buff purchases, unlimited booster purchases, and auto-complete a level.

Age Appropriate

Skywire 3 is appropriate for children 6 years old and older. While there are no graphic images or foul language involved in Skywire 3 that would make it inappropriate for younger children, the nature of skill level required for this game may be too difficult for children younger than 6 years of age.


This version offers an additional user setting panel to help your gaming experience become more enjoyable. In addition to the mute music and mute sound effects options that were offered to you in Skywire 1 and 2, you now have the ability to adjust the graphics quality by toggling between low, medium, and high quality. The low and medium options are designed for people who have slow internet connection or poor computer graphics cards.


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