We all have known their game online 3D web famous RuneScape background with time exists in the form of the record in the world MMO browser game genre in General, and in particular when opened from 2001 to present, i.e. operating throughout the 15 years that the extreme hot, still attract a crowd of gamers everywhere.
Recently, the cool browser ‘ elders ‘ has suddenly launched a version installed to improve the quality of the graphics of the game as well as smoother operation than traditional browser version. earn to die

Accordingly, the installed version of RuneScape have vision in the virtual world more broadly, clear details, smoother shadows and great lighting effects. In fact, the web version will be hard to do this by the limitation in the use of resources, as if the game is too heavy, then play on your browser will be difficult, causing lag. This new version of the client will take the game to a new level, bringing the experience of gamers to new horizons. Sling Shot Santa
If you don’t already know then RuneScape is a game in the role-playing genre MMORPG original design using Java language, to version 3 currently used HTML 5 helps to play more better, operate smoother.

To the world of RuneScape players will easily disoriented because a giant map system, and 20 different professions to choose from. The player would be overwhelmed in the vast world of the game, the same way the immense bowl of orderly farms, herd cattle, the ancient tombs of abandoned …
In order for players to grasp the main functions, the game set a new players guide segment. You will be only for the attack, the opening Prep, the use of articles and stuff … the move, run, sit … as well as interpret the indicators. earn to die 2

You begin the game in a small village, the first thing that you will find it interesting that there are many NPC, in addition to some NPC tasked and sales, you can choose to attack and kill any NPCS would, from monsters, mouse, dog, chicken, beef … both can also kill. Each NPC is killed will fall off a different item types, you can sell to get money to buy the equipment for themselves.


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