Rochard is a game under the category quite interesting puzzle platform. In the game, the player takes on the role of the character John Rochard, a mineral miner’s Skyrig company. But has 4 years passed that his team yet Rochard found a new mineral deposits to tap should the company is preparing to dismiss him. earn to die



How lucky, right at the moment there is information on Rochard an ancient mineral deposits and lead his team immediately. But it turns out all is just a trick, hidden then is a terrible secret that players will have to explore. Rochard’s gameplay as simple no less than the plot. Your only task is to move the block box to create the go and destroy hordes of thugs to stop.Mini Motor Racing WRT


Slog it seemingly requires a formidable health but please dear, with advanced scientific degrees, English miners Rochard just use a gravity gun and an end. In the game, the player will be offered 2 weapon named G-Lifter and Rock-Blaster. With G-Lifter, you can easily lift heavy objects as long as they are in range of the gun. Meanwhile, Rock-Blaster has the task to destroy the dangerous enemies that Rochard miners encounter.


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