Gloria Victis

Goin Gloria Victis, players will have the opportunity to enjoy a game online taking the subject of the middle ages in Europe with extremely graphic platform based on impressive Unity 3D Engine. To provide the most realistic feeling to the game, these effects during combat will also quite « standard », so will not lack to scenes of violence, not suitable for those gamers under 18. Earn to die


To close game with history, the weapons or the character classes use magic will have no place in the game. Instead it will be the true warriors with swords or bows. For those gamers like melee, gameplay system non target is hard choice can complain for them.


According to the NSX in the virtual world, introduces Gloria Victis is built with real style, more specifically, the weather elements as day, night, rain, sunlight … can all affect the results of battles that the player involved. In addition to the NPC also don’t just stand still for a seat that they can also engage in other activities.Kingdom Warriors


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