Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger style and gameplay of the role-playing genre classic turn or hitting us familiar JRPG’S for short. You will own a battle with three different characters. However, the match was in the game because players often decide because hell will appear immediately on the screen and you just move to and engage with them. The challenge here is real time combat styles and you need to wait for the ATB bar of characters loaded can make decisions about development contest to attack or use item. Note that you need to make a decision quickly because hordes of monsters will not stop or waiting for us. Earn to die 5

Chrono-TriggerThe most impressive point in the Chrono Trigger is combined skill system between the characters. Accordingly, those skills are unlocked, the team have the appropriate character then you can activate the attack damage extremely large. For example the Crono can slash the Vortex, Lucca using its inherent magic to create a whirlwind of fire burned the enemies … Earn to die 6


Characters in Chrono Trigger systems not many but enough for us to build many different game lineup. On the road to adventure, Crono and Lucca will meet and recruit was more Frog-Knights in the enchanted frog form, Robo-one robot from the future are Lucca repair and finally Ayla-female Chief. .. to readers not wonder when playing, I always explain here , Robo will not have the ability to use magic because it’s just a robot or Ayla to from the past, the time of her life magic does not yet exist. However, later there will be a small task, if you complete it then every character learned this ability. Gloria Victis


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